Halfway to Halfway & Other River Stories

This is a collection of stories by, and usually about, river guides and outfitters. Our next collection of river stories will be called Halfway to Halfway and Back and is planned for publication in Spring, 2015. Please review our Submission Guidelines and send us a story or two.

The tales focus on river related events that usually have little to do with whitewater. Many don't even take place on a river. All say a lot about the culture of guiding and the people attracted to wild places and the odd things that happen once they get there. These are the stories shared around a campfire after a day on the water. Some are funny, some sad, some quirky, but they all come from personal river experiences and lifelong friendships.

Join some guides on their day off when they decide to take a raft over a dam to see if they can make it right-side up. Dive into a vast garbage dump to find the $500 drysuits you threw out with the trash from a 21 day Grand Canyon trip. Try to explain how your employees set a Forest Service employee on fire during a torch-lit dance on a picnic table. Share an evening with an outfitter who is about to lose his business because one of his guests has disappeared on a hike and has been missing all night. Get ready to set your underwear on fire if precipitation stays below average because that's how you end a drought. Take the Vice President of the United States down a river but never get him or anyone else wet. Be part of the wedding of two guides who really only wanted to sleep together but found themselves "together forever." Steal a bus and lead a wild chase down a mountain canyon highway looking for a group coming off the river. Drive home from the airport naked and try to sneak into the house without your wife noticing your lack of attire.

Not every story is about good times. A few are tributes to friends who are no longer with us but belong around our campfire. You probably never heard their names but you will enjoy meeting them here. They told great stories. There is an odd thing that brings folks back for river trips. They usually come the first time because of the excitement of rapids and whitewater. They come back for another trip because of all the other stuff that happens. This book attempts to capture some of that magic, the memories and good times running a river with friends fosters.

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"The 31 exciting, bizarre, tragic and weird river tales in this collection are told by a happy, healthy –and often hung over—guides and outfitters who make their meager living in, in and along the great rivers of the West…unlike a lot of similar collections, the quality of writing is consistently solid and highly readable. "

-Big Sky Journal. Winter 2012 Edition

Big Sky Journal

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