Big Sky Journal: Halfway to Halfway and Back: More River Stories is the kind of collection that fits any mood and fills the gaps between trips down the river. These stories capture the feeling of a day on the water with humor, pathos, and reflection that aims to confirm the adage that a bad day on the river beats a good day almost anywhere else. Read Review

Publishers Weekly: With this second assortment of stories about river guiding in the U.S. and the people who do it for a living, Linford and Volpert deliver a raucous and delightful collection. The editors have a rare talent for picking stories with opening sentences that capture the reader’s attention instantly (“I suppose the goats might have been an omen”; “We were both naked”). What nearly every selection also does is create quick but lingering character sketches that convey the guides’ resilience, flair for innovation, and “relentless pursuit of laughter.” Read Review

USA Today: Life on the river can be exhilarating and exhausting, and definitely crazy at times. “Halfway to Halfway and Back, More River Stories,” the sequel to the first book by Dick Linford and Bob Volpert, takes you behind the scenes from a river guide’s perspective and it can be as wild a ride as a Class V rapid. One of our favorite stories from the book is Grey’s Grindstone Swim Team, which easily could serve as a lesson in public relations classes in how to turn a potential PR disaster into a highly successful promotion.” Read Review.

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